WEATHERWRAP: Cost-Effective and Energy Efficient Roofing


Is your flat roof near the end of its useful life?  But you’re not happy about the price of a new roof? Or, even worse, the very high cost of a tear off followed by a new roof?




Reflective Roofing is a commercial/industrial roofing company that has tremendous success in extending the life of existing roofs.  Our system costs about 50% less than a new TPO, EDPM, or Modified roof.


At the same time, improve your energy efficiency with our WEATHERWRAP glossy white membrane that is highly reflective. A cooler roof reduces the overall temperature of the building and lowers cooling costs.


We are the first company to combine special techniques and quality materials to create a highly cost-effective roof that will last for years. The energy savings will pay for the cost of the roof in about four years!




Our unique process works best on large flat roofs. Our projects range from 4,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet.  Reflective Roofing has done extensive research and development into our materials and methods. Serving the Chicago-land area since 2009, our process has provided many clients with brand new, cost-effective, energy efficient roofs.


Check out our PROJECTS page and see how we have helped clients save on their roof expenses, or read over OUR SYSTEM and learn more about how Reflective Roofing works!

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